End of post-production for JK 1971


Official JK 1971 poster. — Press release

Filmmaker Fakhrul Arefeen Khan has completed post-production work on his upcoming film titled JK 1971, a press release said.

JK 1971 is Fakhrul Arefeen Khan’s first international film about the Bangladesh Liberation War. The film is based on the courageous act of a French citizen named Jean Kay, who hijacked a Pakistan International Airlines plane at a French airport on December 3, 1971 and demanded that 20 tons of medical supplies be sent to help the locals. of Bangladesh fighting against the Pakistani occupying forces.

Jean Kay’s act had a profound impact on people around the world. Although he was detained by the French police, 20 tons of medical supplies were organized and sent to Calcutta.

Indian actor Subhra Sourav Das plays the lead role in the film while 36 actors including Sabyasachi Chakraborty, Indranil and others starred in the film.

JK 1971 will be released under the Garai Film banner.

Fakhrul Arefeen Khan said, “We have already completed the post-production work for the film. We will soon make a decision regarding the release of the film.


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