EFD Digital leverages Quantum software to power new post-production studio



EFD Digital, a new division of EFD International, has deployed an end-to-end Quantum software platform as a technology infrastructure that supports its post-production services and video management throughout its lifecycle. and its many applications. The software-defined storage solution is provided as a subscription and is based on Quantum’s StorNext software, recently recognized as the fastest file system for video workloads in the independent SPEC SFS 2014 benchmark, and used by some of the largest studios in the world to handle increasingly complex video post-production processes. EFD Digital chose the solution to enable its team of geographically dispersed creative professionals to collaborate and quickly deliver content to a growing customer base.

With organizations across industries finding the need to consistently deliver professionally produced video content, many turn to experts who know post-production for help. EFD International has been a trusted supplier of cameras, lenses, lights, cranes and other equipment for over 20 years, so they were uniquely positioned to fill the void in the Latin American market. EFD Digital can now promise more projects to more clients faster, giving the growing company a competitive edge in the industry.

“When we thought about launching EFD Digital, we knew we would need a solution that would allow our creative professionals to simultaneously access and edit large files so that they could deliver finished content, while we also knew that the solution had to be reliable without requiring a lot of technical support, ”says Roy Santoyo, post-production director at EFD Digital. “Quantum and StorNext were the obvious choice; the Quantum solution gives us the performance and sharing capabilities you would find in a large production studio, as well as the ability to grow our business without having to replace our storage platform in the future.

Deploying a content management solution that both offers the collaboration capabilities a studio needs and is also easy to set up, maintain and develop requires integrated components. Quantum has enabled EFD Digital to avoid a patchwork technology approach by providing an all-in-one solution that enables the studio to efficiently choreograph the management of large video files, enables dispersed and remote creative professionals to collaborate on projects, and enables the company to deliver several projects to many customers, quickly.

The flexibility and scalability of the Quantum solution will be especially valuable as production studios, including EFD Digital, ramp up their work after the pandemic. The studio’s current deployment is 1PB of storage and is expected to grow to 3PB within a year. With the StorNext software subscription, they now have the ability to accommodate potentially unlimited content growth.

“In addition to more TV series, we are already seeing a growing demand for advertising and film projects,” says Santoyo. “Our business is evolving and growing rapidly. But with Quantum, we are ready.



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