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The Captiva Erosion Prevention District recently provided an update on the interim dispatch process for the beach restoration project that was completed along the Gulf side of the island.

Officials have estimated that the reassignment workshops will take place over the summer months, with a final reassignment hearing scheduled for August. The EDPS noted that many Captiva residents are anticipating their final dispatch assessment as the 2021 project is now complete.

“There are a few steps that need to be completed before a final breakdown can be calculated,” officials reported via the EDPS email newsletter.

The EDPS explained that the first step was to calculate the total cost of the project, including construction, engineering, planting and dune fencing. Then, all subsidies must be reconciled so that they can accurately reflect and reduce the share of total costs to owners. Finally, the EDPS must ensure that the most recent property values ​​are used by the Lee County Property Assessor’s Office.

“Once we have an accurate breakdown of total costs and a Captiva property valuation, the Captiva Erosion Prevention District will conduct a series of workshops to adequately explain and resolve any issues in the breakdown model prior to a final allocation hearing”, officials reported.


The EDPS also addressed the current state of Blind Pass after the beach restoration project.

“As expected, sand from Captiva Beach migrates south towards the pass, contributing to the creation of natural sandbars along the opening of the pass,” officials reported. “These ‘bypass bars’ are beneficial because they allow Captiva’s new sand to continue south and reduce infill inside the pass. In addition, the sand can continue its natural course southward to the benefit of the beaches of Sanibel.

Regarding maintenance dredging, the EDPS explained that applications for permits are in progress by Lee County with the various agencies. The county is monitoring the pass and dredging will begin when the beach at the recharge project stabilizes. The county is ready to react if the need to act is felt sooner.


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