EAC Council of Ministers opens recruitment process


Making the announcement here yesterday, the Chairman of the Council of Ministers who is also Kenya’s Cabinet Secretary for EAC and Regional Development Adan Mohamed said shortlisted candidates from EAC partner states will soon receive awards. invitations from the Secretariat to participate in the interviews.

Mohamed further said that the Council, during its deliberations, found that the recruitment process had been largely flawless, adding that interviews had to begin in earnest to fill long vacancies.

In order to ensure fairness among partner states in the recruitment process, the SC revealed that 11 of the vacant positions would be reserved for the Republic of South Sudan, the youngest member of the Community.

This is in accordance with the directive of the 41st Council held a day earlier to the Secretariat to reserve for the Republic of South Sudan eleven (11) vacant posts out of the fifteen (15) posts which have not yet been shortlisted as action. positive in the EAC recruitment process.

Adan was addressing the media at EAC headquarters shortly after leading partner state delegations, EALA members and EAC staff members in a tree planting ceremony for commemorate EAC Day, which is typically celebrated on November 30 each year.

The Burundian Minister of EAC Affairs, Ezechiel Nibigira, the Secretary General of the EAC (Dr.) Peter Mathuki, the Deputy Secretary General of the EAC in charge of the productive and social sectors, the Hon. Christophe Bazivamo, the Community Council, Dr Anthony Kafumbe, and the EALA deputies.

The SC stressed the importance of tree planting to mitigate the effects of climate change, including drought and floods that have ravaged the region in the recent past.

At its meeting on November 29, 2021, Cabinet directed the Secretariat to repost three positions in the Republic of Uganda, namely: Hansard Editor; Hansard reporter, and; Principal assistant to a clerk. The meeting observed that there were errors in the advertisements for the three posts which excluded applicants from the Republic of Uganda and recommended that the Secretariat repost the posts.

The Council which was chaired by Mohammed further ordered the Secretariat to re-advertise positions where the shortlisted candidates were all from a partner state.

The Council also requested the Secretariat to re-advertise the posts for which only one candidate had been shortlisted.

The ministers observed that for posts for which only candidates from a partner state had been shortlisted, they should be screened with a view to opening up the vacant posts to competition. The meeting also noted that some of the advertisements were too restrictive and required review to allow many applicants to apply for the jobs. The meeting noted that it was not possible for a position to attract a single candidate who met the requirements and that the others could not be shortlisted.

The ministers ordered the Secretariat to continue recruiting all posts not covered by directives (a), (b) and (c) from January 2022.

The Council reiterated the decision of its 39th meeting ordering that the Republic of Burundi be given priority in the recruitment of subsequent / future staff.

Regarding partner state contributions to the EAC, Council urged partner states to pay the contribution for the 2021/2022 fiscal year in accordance with the financial rules and regulations of the EAC (2012), in order to facilitate timely execution. of the approved budget.

They also called on partner states to pay arrears in accordance with the arrears disbursement plans.


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