Drones launch seed balls at national park in Telangana



A herd of four drones took off in KBR Park, a designated national park in the heart of Hyderabad, with a payload of seed balls to spray over the 140-hectare area.

Composed of mud and natural nutrients, a seed ball contains seeds of several plant species. At KBR Park, the seed balls contain the seeds of five species including tamarind and apple.

“We will be throwing around 1.50 lakh of seed bales in the park over the next few days. As we drop them, we record the latitude and longitude to help us map and monitor the area later using satellite imagery, ”said Prem Kumar Vislawath, co-founder of the startup. .

Bahubali celebrity Daggubati Rana, who is the brand ambassador for the initiative, was present as the drones took off on Friday morning.

Afforestation program

The drone tech company, which has set itself an ambitious goal of planting one billion plants as part of the Hara Bahara initiative, is in talks with various state governments to launch the program in the respective states.

“We have received the mandate from the Telangana government to deposit the seed balls in 150 to 500 hectares of forest land in each of the 33 districts of Telangana. In total, we will cover around 12,000 hectares with 50 lakh seed balls in the state, ”Prem said.

Telangana has reserved a forest area of ​​12,000 ha for the startup to deposit the seed balls.

Claiming that this is the first such initiative in the country, he said the startup is involving the community in the reforestation program. “We are using self-help groups and non-governmental organizations to prepare the seed balls. We use the seeds that are native to a particular region, ”he said.

“As they fly over barren, empty forest lands, they drop the seed balls and turn them into a lush abode of trees,” he said.

The process involves a field survey and terrain mapping to understand the ecosystem and delineate the seedball launch areas.


After spraying the seed balls, the dronetech company monitors the area covered by the drones by periodically comparing them with the images taken by the satellites.

“You can see the comparative changes in the region,” he said.



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