Dispo-like photo-sharing startup ‘Lapse’ raises $ 11 million in seed


Laps, an app startup that draws reasonable comparisons to the photo-sharing platform inspired by disposable cameras Available, raised $ 11 million in seed funding.

Lapse allows users to form groups and collaborate on “rolls” of 36 photos which are then “developed” 24 hours after the roll is started – “expanded” meaning shared only within the group. The app also provides a platform to send group SMS while compiling the roll, Techcrunch Remarks, although the photos will not be visible until they have been developed.

The tour was led by Octopus companies and Google companies (GV), with the participation of Speedinvest and early Facebook designate Soleio Cuervo. Lapse, which launched in September with a beta test of 10,000 users and a waitlist of 150,000, has already raised $ 1.4 million in a pre-seed round, bringing the total funding at $ 12.4 million, Techcrunch reports.

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Lapse and Dispo differ in that Lapse photos can only be viewed in small groups, while Dispo photos are posted on the platform in general. Nonetheless, both apps promote a slower publishing process than industry stalwarts like Instagram, and therein the notion – as Dispo’s slogan says – of living in the moment. Dispo, which reportedly raised $ 20 million in Series A funding in June for a valuation of $ 200 million, makes it impossible for users to retouch or edit photos, although Lapse offers a goal.

In yet another signal that users are becoming disenchanted with Instagram and its parent company Facebook, Initiated reported earlier this week that the company was paying more to hire and retain talent because employees feared a potential black mark on their resumes.

Lapse was founded by brothers based in London Dan and Ben silvertown, which were inspired by a trip to Vietnam with a compact camera. They say Techcrunch they’re still considering ways to monetize the Lapse, but rely heavily on an ad-driven model.

The app is by invitation only, but interested users can request to join the waitlist here.


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