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Pixar Animation Studios has once again worked with Disney on the coming-of-age fantasy film Luca.

Directed on Disney + over the summer, Luca follows the main character, a young boy who experiences an unforgettable summer in the 50s / 60s Italian Riviera with his new best friend – who happens to be a sea monster of a another world under the waves.

Featuring three distinct worlds, the imaginary world of children and the underwater world. For lead colorist Susan Brunig, who was working on her first film as a lead, that was a big part of the scoring. She used Digital Vision World’s Nucoda calibration and finishing solution for the job.

“We spent a lot of time distinguishing these worlds – improving this imaginative world, and then coming back to the real world,” she said.

This led to some challenges: “We’re dealing with a lot of the same hue and color values, so extracting a blue character from a blue environment is incredibly difficult. We are very dependent and very grateful to be able to work with multipart EXRs as well as DVO plugins.

“Working in animation you get a lot of flat skies or flat fields underwater that lend themselves to a lot of tape when we get into home video formats. We use DVO plugins to add noise if we need it, grain if we need it and they are extremely useful.

DVO technology is a set of tools for advanced image enhancement from Digital Vision World.

She continued, “Faces are incredibly important in an animated movie, especially the eyes and the mouth – so we have shots that come with covers for the sclera, iris, pupil and climax of the eyes. eyes.

Luca Disney Pixar 1

“In the past, we had to do a lot of typing and a lot of detail work. We’re still doing this job, but now we’re able to make those kinds of adjustments a lot faster.

The key was to make sure the rating matched the story: “At Pixar, everything we do serves the story… the lighting serves the story, the color scheme serves the story, the shade of color serves the story. Very little happens to be cool. I think it’s really important to have a solid understanding of how stories are told, and how they’re told with pictures, and how the picture informs what is going on.

Luca Disney Pixar

This was all to be finished by working from home, which had happened since the pandemic struck during production of the animated film Soul earlier in the year.

“We have an incredibly strong team of video engineers who, in a matter of weeks, got us up and running in our homes,” Brunig said.

Luca Disney Pixar 4 (2)

“I work in a team of magicians, most of us have worked together for at least a decade with everyone on this team. We are a well-oiled machine. And apparently we’re a well-oiled machine when you throw a pandemic on us too! “

Luca is currently available to stream on Disney +.


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