Deputy calls for extra step in assisted dying process



Deputy Kirsten Morel Photo: ROB CURRIE. (32037936)

Ahead of the debate on physician-assisted dying due to take place later this month, MP Kirsten Morel has called for more details on the process and safeguards to be considered in a follow-up debate.

MP Morel said that while he was in favor of the right to physician-assisted dying as a matter of principle, he had “strong reservations” about how this right would be enshrined in law in Jersey.

If the amendment passes, the government would be required to table final proposals, including all processes and safeguards, for debate by the Assembly of States by October 2022, with a bill then being prepared and debated. by March 2023.

In the report accompanying his amendment, MP Morel said the movement should not be rushed and that he wanted to give the Assembly “the greatest level of control and understanding of the proposed processes”.

He added: “I believe that this issue should be treated by the Assembly with the utmost respect and a deep understanding that if we are wrong people will die without being fully in control of their own destiny. ‘

He added: “The amendment requires the Assembly of States to see, before a second debate, a view of the entire proposed system of assisted dying and how it will work.

“Then we can take a close look at those processes and procedures. It is only after this process is completed that the Assembly of States will proceed to consider the bill in a third debate.

MP Morel concluded: “I firmly believe that this subject, above all else, deserves such careful and deliberate treatment to ensure that we get it right and thus avoid premature Islander deaths in the future.”

The initial proposal for this month’s debate was tabled by Cabinet after a jury of islanders considered the issue and said by a 78% majority it was in favor of the decision .



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