Dan Wolman in post-production with Judas


– Based on Amos Oz’s novel of the same name, the film is a story of betrayal set in Jerusalem in the late 1950s

On the set of Judas

Israeli writer-director Dan Wolman has forged a long career and has more than 50 years of cinema behind him. His last films, hide and seek, An Israeli love story, valley of strength and Tied hands, have been screened and won awards at acclaimed festivals such as Berlin, New Delhi and Moscow, among others. Currently, the filmmaker is in post-production with his new feature film, Judaswhich is inspired by the novel of the same name written by the famous Israeli author Amos-Oz. The book has been translated into over 35 languages, received rave reviews and sold over half a million copies in Europe.

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The story is set in Jerusalem during the winter of 1959. Shmuel Ash, a sensitive student who dropped out of college because his father’s finances collapsed, takes a job at home as a companion to an elderly man and incapable, Gershom Wald, who needs someone to argue with. Wald learns from Shmuel that he has stopped working on his thesis, which dealt with Jewish views of Jesus. The conversation between these two protagonists revolves around the humanity of Jesus. Shmuel tells Wald about his alternative theory about Judas Iscariot: he says he believes Judas was not a traitor at all but, in fact, the truest believer in the divinity of Jesus. Also, a relationship develops between Shmuel and Wald’s stepdaughter, Atalia Abravanel, a sensual and mysterious woman. Shmuel falls in love with her in what becomes a tender coming-of-age tale.

Judas is produced by Amir Guedalia and Dan Wolman, and the film is now in post-production. Editor Eyal Amir been working on the project for a few months, locking down the picture, while the sound is in the hands of the sound designer and editor Eva Spitkovsky, which will mix the film. Additionally, the graphic design and effects will be handled by Danny Cohen and ADRABA Design. As for the casting, the film’s protagonist is played by a newcomer Yuval Livniwhile the veteran actor Doron Tavori and rising actress Einav Merkel play alongside him.

Judas is an Israeli production by Dan Wolman Film Production Ltd and has received support from the Israel Film Project – Rabinovich Foundation, under the auspices of the Israeli Ministry of Culture and Sports. According to current estimates, the film should be ready in mid-March, and its distribution will be ensured by Hedva Goldschmidt for Go2Films.

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