Create a high-efficiency seedbed with Case IH tillage tools


Advanced packaging options for field growers
The Tiger-Mate 255 cultivator is the last tillage pass before planting. While the reinforced, swept-back rod design creates a smooth subsoil, the Advanced Conditioning System (ACS) reduces clod size, evenly distributes residue and levels the soil for an even finish. New options allow growers to tailor their harrows specifically to their soil types, including:

• The TigerPaw Hydraulic Down Pressure 3-Bar Spike Harrow™ Crumbler® features three rows of spikes followed by a rolling crumbler to hit even the hardest clods, such as in forest soils. The patented hydraulic down pressure system offers quick, easy and independent adjustment of each section.

• TThe Tiger-Tine ACS 3 bar harrow with spring pressure TigerPaw Crumbler features twice as many tines as the two-bar Case IH versions, allowing more leveling than ever before. The teeth themselves have been redesigned for maximum flexibility, allowing residue to filter through the teeth. Plus, four tine angle positions allow growers to easily adjust soil smoothness. After the teeth, a large 14 inch crumbler sprays the ground.

• The Tiger-Tine ACS 3 bar harrow with hydraulic down pressure TigerPaw Crumbler has the same excellent finish characteristics as the previous harrow, but with hydraulic down pressure to adjust the main frame, inner fenders and outer fenders. The Crumbler can be placed in a float or lifted up on the go to avoid wet areas.

“There are over 16,000 types of soil in the United States. These new harrow options make it easier to tackle the heaviest soils, ”said Lursen.

For producers who want additional packaging systems, the new factory-available rear hitch makes it quick and easy to attach an additional implement. This mounted hitch also offers a shorter haul length than other towed options. In addition, the Tiger-Mate 255 is now available in a 32-foot single-ply low-transport model for areas sensitive to transport heights above 13 feet and 6 inches.

Cut through stubborn residue with the new, longer-life 20-inch VT Corrugated Blade on the True-Tandem â„¢ 335VT.

Long-life blades for vertical tillage
The True-Tandem 335 VT is a tillage implement that aligns with conservative tillage practices, while promoting a high speed, high efficiency seedbed. Whether spring or fall, this tool is designed to slice through stubborn residue, move soil up, on and out, and stratify soil particles.

In response to customer demand, Case IH developed a new Earth Metal® blade option¹ for the True-Tandem 335VT. The Longer Life 20 inch VT Wave blade is a 5mm thick blade available in single ply models.

“Our industry-exclusive Earth Metal Crimp Center Blades are engineered using a unique process and steel formula to prevent brittleness and elasticity, which makes the blades stronger and stronger. more durable, which allows the blade to penetrate hard, dry soil and easily break surface compaction. In addition, the new longer life blade option ensures that the blades will operate for multiple seasons, ”Lursen said.

Case IH sets the standard for seedbed preparation. From fall prep to spring prep, growers have access to a full line of agronomic tillage tools to create a high-efficiency seedbed and maximize planting success.

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