Coromandel launches new ‘GroShakti Plus’ fertilizer brand for farmers



The Coromandel team

Coromandel International Limited, known for its brand of fertilizer Gromor & Godavari, has launched a new fertilizer GroShakti More, in the presence of Arun Alagappan, Executive Vice President, Coromandel International Ltd, Sameer Goel, MD, Coromandel International, prominent farmers and fertilizer traders from Telangana State and other dignitaries. The event was hosted at the Marriott – Hotel & Convention Center, Hyderabad on September 8, 2021.

Benefits of GroShakti Plus

Executive Vice PresidentArun Alagappan stated that GroShakti Plus would provide the farming community and support them in improving their yield and quality.

He also added that Coromandel strives to provide not only quality products, but also holistic agricultural solutions to farmers, through our Mana Gromor center, our team of agronomists and Nutriclinics. Coromandel International Ltd has been serving the farming community by providing the best quality fertilizers and new technologies to Indian farmers since 1961.

As part of improving crop productivity and quality yields, Coromandel continuously strives to serve farmers in all aspects by providing bulk fertilizers, specialty nutrients (micronutrients, fertigation grades, custom crop grades) and pure organic nutrient-based fertilizers which can improve fertilizer use efficiency and soil health.

  • Farmers reap the reward of high quality produce by using complete and balanced nutrition for their crops with GroShakti (Conventionally 14:35:14).

  • To facilitate the dream of top quality products and extra performance with the confidence of the Gromor brand, we present to you.

GroShakti More

‘GroShakti Plus’ is a new technology and superior complex fertilizer with EnPhos technology and zinc 14-35-14. Its benefits have been rightly summed up by the company as – “It adds more power to the power you have”

  • It is suitable for various crops like cereals, legumes, oil seeds, fruit and vegetable crops, etc.

  • EnPhos technology makes more phosphorus available for cultivation and ensures better root development and zinc enables vigorous plant growth and improves disease resistance, leading to faster growth and higher quality yield.

  • In addition to this, GroShakti Plus contains the 3 major nutrients (NPK), has the highest nutrient content among complex fertilizers, the highest phosphorus content among NPK fertilizers (35 units), and the nutrient content is in the ratio of 1: 2.5: 1 which is considered ideal for basal application

Coromandel International Ltd has launched GroShakti Plus, a superior complex fertilizer, featuring “EnPhos technology” which allows greater availability of phosphorus for crops, and “fortified zinc” induces plant greenness through better use of water. nitrogen and enzymatic activation, plays a central role in the flowering process while imparting resistance to pests and diseases, thus contributing to higher yield and income

Coromandel International Limited is one of the pioneers and leading providers of agricultural solutions in India, offering various products and services throughout the agricultural value chain. It operates in two main segments: nutrients and other related activities and chemicals for crop protection.

Coromandel aims to improve the livelihoods of farmers through:

  • Efficient nutrient management and crop protection management.

  • Continuous supply as and when required via all channels, i.e. private trades, government. Establishment and MGC.

  • Our sales network continued to demonstrate admirable resilience and agility in meeting a variety of challenges. Agricultural extension services; Soil analysis, Poshan demonstration, advisory / crop protection services.

  • Solution provider via Nutri-clinic Gromor.

  • R&D is constantly striving to introduce differentiated products likeGroSmart,GroPlus, Gromor Ultra, GroShakti, etc.

  • Promote organic fertilizers as well as chemical fertilizers.

  • Agro-university alliances, IIT Madras for the development of new products.

Social and Environmental Responsibility:

Coromandel is not only engaged in manufacturing and sales, but we are also actively engaged in improving our environment and the society around us.

  • In ourmanufacturing plants, gas emissions are constantly monitored and strict compliance is followed for all government standards.

  • We have opened the general hospital in Kakinada for people from the company.

  • Promote the girls’ education program.

  • RO Plant is being set up in the countryside to provide access to potable water.



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