Codeless DevOps Platform Humalect Raises $750,000 in Funding Round Led by StartupXseed Ventures


Mumbai, India, August 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Humalect, a no-code platform helping organizations automate DevOps, has raised $750,000 from seed investors StartupXseed Ventures, which has previously backed leading companies such as Darwinbox, Jobiak, CloudSek, Bellatrix and Aarav Unmanned Systems (AUS). Funds raised will be used strategically to build the team efficiently and expand product functionality.

DevOps is the combination of practices and tools that increases an organization’s ability to deliver software and services at high speed. DevOps is a must for the scalability of any organization. However, organizations typically avoid DevOps at first due to the complexity, cost, and time involved.

Humalect attempts to fill this gap by automating end-to-end DevOps and getting it up and running in less than 30 minutes. Humalect enables organizations to be Kubernetes-ready from the start. This helps organizations save on engineering effort and focus on business goals by reducing infrastructure management requirements. Humalect also helps organizations reduce their cloud bills by properly sizing infrastructure.

Co-founder of Humalect Rajesh Tilwani points out: “The goal of DevOps engineering is to improve developer productivity, but it never happens as expected. Most companies spend valuable development hours managing and maintaining this gigantic process. Typically, development teams spend at least 25% of their time setting up the cloud and managing the infrastructure, which could be used to build and launch their products to market. That’s why we built Humalect, focused on automation, flexibility, and the highest security standards for development teams, product teams, and business owners.

Vishal Saugat, co-founder of Humalect, adds, “Humalect would save the developer team 100x the time spent managing the cloud and it can start infrastructure, pipelines and deployment in minutes. It adapts to any technology stack without downtime and imposes no locks. -in or migration debts. With the help of the investments raised, we aim to further build and strengthen our team and expand the functionality of our products.”

Speaking of investing, Mr. Ravi Thakurco-founder partner at StartupXseed, said, “We know how complex DevOps is in organizations, and we spotted Rajesh and Vishal at the right time to solve this problem. We are optimistic about their growth plans and are doing our best to make it happen. »

The challenges that organizations face with DevOps are many. Every business avoids DevOps at first, but after an unfortunate incident like a security breach or downtime, DevOps becomes a reactive priority. The configuration process is iterative and sometimes even takes months. DevOps matters, and Humalect aims to enable organizations to scale and deploy their products across multiple cloud providers through their fast-configuring DevOps platform.

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About Humalect

Founded by IIT Bombay and BITS Pilani alumni, Humalect is a no-code platform that helps companies automate their DevOps. DevOps engineering is a function responsible for getting software into the hands of users. Humalect reduces software delivery time while ensuring cloud and security best practices from day one. Traditional DevOps setup takes months while Humalect does it in minutes. This leads to faster software release cycles while ensuring readiness for scale from day one. By using Humalect, even small startups gain access to end-to-end DevOps pipelines that would otherwise be put on low priority due to high costs and time requirements. This leads to better developer productivity and reduced cloud-related bills. Humalect currently only supports Amazon Web Services, but will support all major cloud providers and DevOps tools in the coming months.


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