Chittattukara launches a process to become carbon neutral


Chittattukara, a coastal panchayat near North Paravur, has started the process to become carbon neutral with the help of Cochin University of Science and Technology (Cusat) and Kerala Agricultural University along with other experts in the field. The panchayat will also take the help of a consultancy agency, which has not yet been selected.

Plans for the 2022-23 financial year have been finalized in such a way that they are in line with the panchayat’s goal of becoming carbon neutral within a short period of time, panchayat chairman Shantini Gopakumar said on Monday.

She said sector plans have been developed in an integrated manner to achieve the goal. Dissemination of cultivation of local variety of Pokkali rice, medicinal plants, hill farming, integrated farming and cultivation of fallow land are some of the measures currently taken by the panchayat, added President.

All eighteen panchayat wards will see soil tests separately to determine what type of crops would be best suited to each of them. Cultivation will be undertaken based on the results of soil tests.

At the same time, all 10,000 families in the panchayat have now been supplied with vegetable seeds and seedlings so that they can produce at least part of their food needs.

The panchayat also planned to use the fallow land in its area to plant jackfruit trees in abundance in order to become a village where there would be substantial production of jackfruit trees in the future. Planting bamboo and creating small forest areas are other initiatives that have now been undertaken.

The panchayat will also help to establish biogas plants in all dairy farms to have enough organic manure for growing vegetables in gardens and domestic units.

The panchayat chairman said one of the main issues was finding a local market for the produce. With the help of Kudumbashree Mission, the panchayat plans to establish marketing facilities for produce from the panchayat region.

The protection of water sources, the transformation of one of its most important landmarks, the approximately 1.5 acre Komankulam, into a lotus sanctuary, the proper treatment of waste and the distribution of at least a hundred bikes to young people in the first phase are some of the other projects undertaken by the panchayat, she added.


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