China: Diverse Cauliflower Varieties Appeared at Seed Industry Expo


On December 13-14, the 25th South China (Wenzhou) Seed Industry Expo (hereinafter referred to as the Seed Exhibition) was held in the Wenzhou Seed and Science and Seedling Technology Park.

In the 5-hectare base of Wenzhou Seed and Seedling Science and Technology Park, each ridge has different varieties. It brings together 992 varieties of cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage and specialized vegetables from all over the country. Xia Ruda, deputy director of Wenzhou Seed Station, announced that the Seed Expo will continue to introduce new varieties, new technologies and new models.

This year’s conference added two categories of wild cabbage and specialty vegetables from the original two categories of cauliflower and broccoli; there are nearly 800 varieties of cauliflower and broccoli, and 196 varieties of wild cabbage and special vegetables. The number of local exhibitions increased by 25% compared to last year.

Regarding the observation and visit, in addition to the on-site visit to Wenzhou Seed and Seedling Science and Technology Park and Wenzhou Vegetable Culture and Creative Park subject to strict epidemic prevention, visitors can also search “Southern Seed Industry Expo Digital Exhibition” through WeChat applet for online variety viewing.

This time around there will also be a mechanical display of the entire cauliflower production process, a live demonstration of flying drones, a small class on cauliflower nutrition, the announcement of recommended varieties and other sessions. These are also online exhibitions in the cloud via multiple live streaming platforms.

Wenzhou is the main cauliflower production area with an annual output of nearly 25 tons of cauliflower seeds and a production value of nearly 100 million RMB. Cauliflower planting is mainly concentrated in Ruian, Longwan, Pingyang and other places. This year, the plantation area is nearly 10,000 hectares and the production is over 290,000 tons. In particular, individual farmers varieties planted at different periods of maturity, and the highest field purchase price reached 2.5 RMB per kilogram in advance of ordinary market time, and the efficiency of the planting was good.

Source: Wenzhou News


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