Change is an intimate process



We all change.

We do it, maybe, once or twice. Maybe a million and once. I wasn’t even who I was when I woke up at 4 p.m. Now here I am at 10pm in a completely different version of myself. It goes like this. There will be many changes.

Some will be good, some will be difficult. Some will bring out the beauty in you and some will bring out the ugly. Don’t run away from your ugliness. This ugliness is yours, so it is special and has a beauty that only you can harness. Make it beautiful because you can have the audacity to do it.

Even if no one else around you has learned how to do it yet. Accept your phases, even the ugliest ones, you need them. Who you are is temporary, just as you will be. Your seasons will change forever until there is nothing more to change. Even then you will continue to be another form of another version of yourself. Acceptance is your key here.

You can’t fight change, it happens every day. Your experience of who you are is as real as ever. Don’t take that. You are as permanent as the moment because who you are is temporary. So don’t walk away from yourself

Not even for a second.

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