Casale will design a new ammonia converter for the Yara plant


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Casale has announced that it will redesign its ammonia converter currently in operation at a Yara-operated fertilizer plant in Herøya, Norway.

The existing plant will be converted by replacing the current hydrogen production process using liquefied fossil gas with green hydrogen based on renewable energy. By doing so, Yara will be able to create emission-free ammonia.

As part of this initiative, Casale is committed to applying its own technology, including the design of all-new ammonia converter internals. In addition, Casale designs its reactor in order to allow the synthesis loop of the Herøya plant to be able to operate initially with the traditional source. After the decarbonization of the plant, the Casale design of the reactor will allow the synthesis of ammonia to switch to the new source of green hydrogen without any additional intervention.

In this first stage of decarbonization, the plant will produce enough hydrogen equivalent to 20,500 tpy of green ammonia, which turns into 60,000 to 80,000 t of non-fossil green mineral fertilizer.

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