Bryan Delaney returns to Buffalo with a dark and dangerous ‘seedbed’ | Entertainment


“I believe there are two phases. The first is to open the valve to the subconscious. I think that’s where the gold is,” he said in a recent report. visit to Buffalo to attend rehearsals. “Then you apply the craft and the technique to exploit it: who needs what, why do they need it, what’s underneath that need, what are they doing to get it, what what blocks them from other characters who are the sources of antagonism and resistance and, above all, what are the sources of antagonism and resistance within that character’s own nature? “

In “The Seedbed” the conflicts are clear from the start. The story centers on a small family in crisis: a husband, wife, their 18-year-old daughter and her recently acquired boyfriend.

“It’s a battlefield that takes place over about four days,” Delaney said. But the battle of wills between father, mother, daughter and boyfriend is only a surface story. More deeply, he said, the play is about how a thought takes root in the mind of a family member and undergoes a strange mutation as it spreads from person to person.

“It’s almost like a Chinese psychological whisper game that runs through the family and threatens to destroy the whole family structure,” he said. “They all go off on their own flowery psychological bender.”

News critic Richard Huntington called Delaney’s first effort “The Cobbler,” “a new piece of fascinating narrative structure, linguistic brilliance, and the daring theatrical imagination it seems to be the product of. of mature and honed talent rather than the first effort of a young, unpublished Dublin-born author. “


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