Boozman on Democrats: “Breaking the Farm Bill Process”


The polarized debate over President Biden’s $ 3.5 trillion “build back better” bill could jeopardize the drafting of the 2023 farm policy bill, the senior Republican on the Senate committee said on Wednesday. agriculture. Arkansas Senator John Boozman blamed Democrats for breaking bipartisanship, saying they are “breaking the farm bill process and endangering the future of our farmers.”

Boozman was upset that he had been excluded from deliberations over the allocation of $ 135 billion in new funding the USDA would receive under the Biden Bill. Senate Agriculture Speaker Debbie Stabenow said last month that Democrats would distribute the money themselves. Republicans unanimously opposed the bill in a procedural vote and he was unlikely to support it in the future. “We are investing in climate smart agriculture so that farmers and ranchers can continue to be part of the solution,” Stabenow said Tuesday, listing the benefits of the bill.

“Passing the 2018 Farm Law was no easy task. It took restraint on both sides and months of thoughtful deliberation, ”Boozman said.

Members of the House and Senate agricultural committees frequently state that panels are the least partisan of Congress, although that reputation sometimes does not match reality. The Republican chairman of the House Agriculture Committee broke collegiality within the panel in 2018 with his surprise proposal for broader and stricter SNAP work requirements. Democrats declined to propose any amendments during committee debate on the bill and voted against allowing it for a floor vote.

The Senate Agriculture Committee has not scheduled a vote on its part of the $ 3.5 trillion bill. Senators are waiting for the House to adopt his version, a staff member said. On Monday, the House agriculture committee approved a $ 66 billion expansion of forestry, rural development and agricultural research programs over a party line vote. An additional $ 28 billion for conservation and climate-smart practices by farmers will be added later, committee chair David Scott said. Like Boozman, Republicans on the House committee decried what they called lack of courtesy.

Also on Monday, the House Judiciary Committee approved wording for the ‘build back better’ bill that would provide legal status to an estimated 8 million ‘dreamers’, for those admitted under the Temporary Protected Status program. and for essential undocumented workers, The Colline reported. Judiciary President Jerrold Nadler said the provisions open “a path to permanent residence for Dreamers of America, holders of temporary protected status, farm laborers and other essential workers who do function our country ”.


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