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FREMONT, California, November 3, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Privacy gives dignity to our lives and yet we find ourselves in a digital world where too many companies choose to follow us without our consent.

This led to a backlash. All other users block trackers. Apple killed third-party cookies and bet its mark on privacy. Regulators, finally catching up, are passing tough privacy laws. In 2022, California will remove the distinction between selling or sharing data – businesses need your permission if they want to share your data with a third-party SaaS.

It’s great for the users. It is a disaster for digital measurement. Most companies use third-party trackers to measure and monetize. But the coming impact is so severe that Google’s own research suggests that publishers will lose 64% of their revenue after third-party cookies disappear.

This is why we are delighted to announce a $ 3 million Launched our Customer Data Platform that resolves data loss and builds trust by capturing and activating customer data in your own infrastructure.

From our CEO, Mandar shinde:

There is a real opportunity for independent players like Blotout to play a role in managing customer data by supporting outdated and unreliable multi-tenant platforms while providing the same ease of SaaS. “

The tour was led by First Rays Venture Partners and includes Y Combinator, Pascal Capital, Launchpad Capital and Sang ho choi (co-founder of fuboTV).

According to Alok Nandan, Partner at First Rays Ventures,

It’s a reality of this decade that technological innovation goes beyond privacy protections, creating a mandate to include privacy as a central part of your overall security posture. First Rays strongly believes in the thesis that executives view data privacy as one of the top three areas for investing. Blotout enables reliable data journeys for consumers. I am excited about Blotout which allows us to create an Internet we can trust. “

Enabling customer data management through infrastructure as code

A business today needs close to seven-figure technical and legal expertise in terms of costs and months of work to properly build its own customer data infrastructure. Blotout addresses this need with infrastructure as code that deploys a lossless, compliant, and reliable platform in five minutes in one of more than 250 data centers around the world.

At the edge of the enterprise CDN, Blotout gives you codeless technology that collects, processes, and analyzes data while ensuring region-by-region compliance (before data is shared or used). Our serverless infra-as-code solution deploys as an infrastructure, allowing you to accurately capture and process every customer data point, providing you with lifelong customer journeys based on trusting relationships.

This opens up new possibilities such as 100% measurement accuracy, marketing attribution, server-side data enablement, online and offline customer journeys, and clean rooms for advertising. In a trust framework, you no longer use third-party metric stacks from companies like Google or Twilio, as you have these capabilities in-house.

With a relationship of trust comes obligations, and we’ve designed Blotout to get there from the start: it captures only authorized data, audits every interaction, and ensures that usage meets user-accepted goal limits.

Blotout lets you harness the power of your data without compromising user trust.

And after

Our customers are companies like Razer and Uphold who understand that the future of martech and customer engagement will be built on trust and a one-on-one relationship with users. By opting for Blotout, they turn this fact into a competitive advantage.

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