Beyondie SOP project enters final commissioning phases


Kalium Lakes said its Beyondie Potash Sulfate (SOP) project has entered the final stages of commissioning.

Construction of the Standard Grade SOP Plant (SSOP) is almost complete, with the exception of the checklist items that are not critical to the progress of commissioning. Water commissioning, product storage shed and product handling infrastructure are nearing completion. The start of the production ramp-up remains on track for October 2021. Construction and commissioning activities remain within the CAPEX budget.

“The project is going according to plan, the enthusiasm is growing as we work successively on the commissioning process. With the exception of the compaction plant, which is not required for the first production of standard grade SOPs, the project is now 98% complete and ready for imminent start-up. Construction activities are starting to come to a halt, leaving room for the commissioning and operations teams to complete the final stages before Kalium Lakes can seize the opportunity to become Australia’s premier SOP producer! Said Rudolph van Niekerk, CEO.

The first product delivered by the Beyondie SOP project will be the SSOP, which will generate all of the sales expected for the last quarter of 2021.

Construction work on the SSOP component of the plant, currently 98.1% complete, is now ending to focus only on closing the items on the highlights list that will not prevent the completion of the upgrade. in water service.

These last elements are being finalized with a view to carrying out the final inspections by the EBTEC team, before validating the introduction of salt into the wet processing circuits.

The salt commissioning for the front part of the plant is already underway for the salt introduction process.

As construction activities for the SSOP plant come to an end, the construction team has focused on the compaction plant, which is 76% complete overall and is expected to be completed in October 2021.

The commissioning of this plant, which produces granular SOP (GSOP), is expected to begin as soon as there is sufficient additional SSOP available as feedstock. GSOP sales are expected to begin in the first quarter of calendar year 2022.

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