Beware of fake carbon fertilizers available on the market – Deputy Director of Agriculture


Puttlam District Office, Deputy Director of Agriculture, has warned of a wandering organic fertilizer manufacturing company delivering fertilizer across the country. Deputy Director of Agriculture for Puttlam District, Tharangika Shyamali, said the office revealed such a wandering organic fertilizer manufacturing company located opposite the dedicated business center of Norochcholai. She said that on a telephone tip, she visited the place with several other officials, where they did not at least show the name of the place of business.

She added that the workers at the place were packing materials, what they called was organic fertilizer. However, the bag of fertilizer bore the name of a fertilizer manufacturing company. In the bags, it was noted that the company had approval from the Department of Agriculture as well as the National Fertilizer Secretariat, which officials found incorrect. This institution did not have the authorization at least to deliver the fertilizer. She said each bag contained 40kg and there were 750 such bags ready for transport. They found another 400 bags on the premises. Later, the district director of agriculture, Sarath Pathirana, and army officials who arrived at the scene found the material to be a mixture of ash, soil, sand, etc. They also discovered that no materials used in the process of making organic fertilizers were used by this business venture. Company owner Shaful Hameed Mohomed Rauff was on the run from authorities. One of his relatives and employees were at the scene. Officials also found a place where salt mixed with sand, ash and earth was used as raw material on the Puttlam beach side. She said the samples of these fertilizers were sent to the Director of Agriculture for further investigation. She also said that the case had been ongoing for quite a long time. She added that the matter had been taken to the highest level for further investigation. She also warned farmers to be careful in using carbon fertilizers purchased from the market. She added that making your own carbon fertilizer is the most reliable and productive way to farm.


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