Attack of the Clones: Lucasfilm VP of Post-Production Mike Blanchard Talks Digital Innovations in Episode 2


It’s worth remembering that 2022 is still the 20th anniversary of Attack of the Clones and to keep the celebrations going, the official site is catching up with the post-supervisor and technical supervisor of the prequel trilogy (now vice president of post-production from Lucasfilm) Mike Blanchard to discuss Giant Leaps the first sequel to the prequel trilogy made around the turn of the century. Earlier you mentioned that the Sony cameras used for Attack of the Clones were “beta” versions with a lot of testing and development still needed. These cameras arrived quite late in the process, about a week before filming began. What do you remember about that last week and the last minute testing that was going on?

Mike Blanchard: It actually brings up a terrible memory. It was very late in preparation for the first day of shooting. We had received a film release test from the lab, and it was awful. It didn’t look good. We managed to fix the problem, but it caused a lot of stress. It was definitely a low point because it was so late and we had done so much work. Fred and I were frantically trying to fix the problem. You just don’t want to have something like that in the 11th hour to shake the confidence of the team. There were so many stakes and many people in the company were actively rooting against us.

Somewhere along the way, something went wrong with this test, but we had seen enough to know the system was working fine. But it was hard not to wonder what we might have missed. There is a lot of excitement and anxiety just before production begins. It was just another issue that you forget about after the fact, but right now it’s been dozens of phone calls and a lot of waiting for the lab to re-process everything again.


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