Arianne Phosphate expands its work on alternative fertilizers in Canada


Development-stage phosphate mining company Arianne Phosphate, which is advancing its Lac à Paul project in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region of Quebec, has entered into a collaboration with Northern Nutrients of Saskatchewan, Canada, to advancing the use of its high purity phosphate concentrate in derivative fertilizers.

Under this agreement, the company has provided its phosphate concentrate to be combined into Northern Nutrient’s proprietary fertilizer compositions to obtain a multi-nutrient fertilizer that can be applied directly to the farmer’s field. Testing of this exclusive new fertilizer will begin this growing season, with results available through late summer and fall 2022.

In February, Arianne announced that it was expanding its reach into alternative fertilizers, working with research organizations and companies. The benefits of this work would be the ability to incorporate the company’s phosphate concentrate directly into fertilizers without having to first process it through acidulation. Currently, traditional phosphate fertilizers such as monoammonium phosphate (MAP) and diammonium phosphate (DAP) require the acidification process and require phosphate concentrate producers, such as Arianne, to contract with these phosphoric acid facilities.

The successful implementation of programs such as Arianne’s work with Northern Nutrient has many components. This process would produce a uniquely Canadian offer, based solely on domestic inputs and technology. It would also remove the logistical challenges and additional costs associated with shipping and processing materials across multiple jurisdictions. Additionally, this process would eliminate the need to add ammonia/nitrogen to the finished fertilizer as required with MAP and DAP. With many ammonia-based fertilizers produced with natural gas, eliminating it would be extremely economical and enhance security of supply, as recent world events have highlighted the dependence on natural gas imports. from difficult jurisdictions.

Brian Ostroff, President of Arianne Phosphate, said, “I am extremely excited about the prospects of this work and what it can mean for Arianne. Arianne’s extremely rare, high purity, low contaminant phosphate concentrate is ideal for those alternative applications where the farmer will be very aware of what is being spread on their field. Additionally, by being located in Quebec, Canada, it eliminates the “security of supply” issues associated with the current provenance of fertilizers and should eliminate many of the risks we are unfortunately witnessing. Finally, like Arianne’s work in the field of LFP batteries, the expansion of potential customers for our product, the expansion of potential buyers and partners for our project and the unlocking of substantial savings for our shareholders and stakeholders.

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