855 sanctioned positions vacant in PMC’s health department, recruitment process underway, officials say



No less than 855 sanctioned class I to IV positions are vacant in the health department of the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC). Among these, 126 are key positions, including those of radiologists (15), gynecologists (8), general surgeons (8), intensive care physicians (4), ENT specialists (4), pediatric surgeon (4), dentists (6), pathologists (7) and physiotherapists (9), among others. According to the data, PMC’s health department has up to 1,678 sanctioned grade I-IV positions. Of those, 823 have been filled while the remaining positions will be advertised, officials said.

Currently, of the 160 sanctioned class I posts, only 34 have been filled. The positions of municipal anti-tuberculosis officer, nodal AIDS officer, neonatologist and cardiologist remain to be filled.

Senior officials said the recruitment process was underway, adding that the posts would be filled soon. “The recruiting process is underway and we are getting a response,” Deputy Medical Officer of Health Dr. Anjali Sabne told The Indian Express.

For the Covid-19 pandemic, the civic body had to hire the services of around 750 people on a contractual basis. While 16 of them are gone, the rest are spread across Covid vaccination centers, dispensaries and civic hospitals.

Only an intensive care doctor, a pediatrician and a gynecologist are among the 738 contract employees working for the PMC. The others include five MBBS graduate physicians, 184 BAMS graduate practitioners and 155 auxiliary care midwives (ANMs) besides nurses and hospital attendants.

In addition, there are 40 postgraduate and MBBS applicants who are completing their surety service.

Although the doctor’s positions have been filled, sources said it was difficult to get specialists and super-specialists due to monetary issues. While a doctor (physician) would easily earn between Rs 1.5 and Rs 2 lakh per month in a private practice, the highest salary for a Class I staff at PMC is Rs 80,000, they added.

On average, more than two lakh of patients receive treatment by the patient service (OPD) at PMC hospitals and clinics each year, while around 1.6 lakh are admitted to institutions. There are 18 maternity hospitals associated with the civic body apart from the main Kamala Nehru general hospital with 400 beds and Naidu hospital with 120 beds in addition to the civic clinics. The PMC recruitment campaign will now invite applications for 126 Class I posts, 127 Class II posts, 400 Class III posts and 202 Class IV posts.

Class II and III positions include those of radiology technicians (10), junior laboratory assistants (51), senior nurses / matron assistants (18), ANMs (71) and others. Class IV staff for whom vacancies will be posted include hospital attendants or nurses (91) and ayahs (71).



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