4 things to consider when selecting soybeans


October 08, 2022, WE: Soybean seed selection is one of the earliest and most important decisions soybean growers will make for the upcoming crop year. Knowing the challenges and opportunities ahead will make it easier to select varieties when buying seed online from FBN Direct®.

Turn a complicated decision into an exciting opportunity by remembering the four considerations below.

  1. Take advantage of unique crop marketing opportunities

Depending on where you operate, you may have access to certain marketing opportunities that are not available to everyone. In the world of soy, this would include non-GMO soy.

Some markets may allow you to take advantage of substantial bonuses. FBN® offers Virtue™ Non-GMO soybeans for farmers looking to take advantage of margin opportunities in these markets.

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  1. Proactively address field and soil challenges

Each field is unique, offering its own specific advantages and challenges during the growing season. Set your operation up for success next year by wisely selecting seeds that match your specific soil types and environmental conditions. Investing in genetic seeds that are well-suited to your fields can help you achieve higher yields and lower input costs to improve your long-term return on investment.

Seed fact sheets offer useful advice regarding the performance of specific seeds in various categories, including resistance to disease pressure, emergence, relative height and colour. FBN provides datasheets for all seeds available for purchase on FBN Direct. You can access these data sheets by visiting the product page of each type of seed.

For example, you can view the Paloma™ Enlist E3® Treated Soybean Seed Brand Data Sheet PL2E061 by visiting the seed product page and clicking on the “Product Tech Sheet” hyperlink under the seed name.

  1. Make informed decisions without missing discounts

Rather than rush into a decision, it’s important to weigh your options to position yourself for a successful growing season. By focusing exclusively on high-yielding seeds, you can meet your yield goal…or you may have to overcompensate for seed and chemical expenses, which will cancel out your profit.

The new FBN Flex Pick program allows you to take advantage of early discounts without having to choose a specific hybrid or variety until November 30, when you have more time to review performance and placement details. Without an upfront commitment to a specific product, you have more time to choose the right seed for your operation and consult with the FBN team to find the perfect product.

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  1. Plan ahead for weed control

Take advantage of all the tools in your toolbox throughout the season by planning weed control strategies in advance during your seed selection process. By selecting seed with certain crop protection tolerances, such as Paloma™ Enlist E3® Soybean Seed, which offers tolerances to Glufosinate, Glyphosate and Enlist One®, you can be assured that your future chemical applications will be positioned to meet to weed pressure without endangering your crop.

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