​SK Telecom develops AI post-production technology for media localization


[Courtesy of SK Telecom]

SEOUL — SK Telecom has developed an artificial intelligence-based post-production technology to remove Korean subtitles and speech bubbles in video content through a collaboration with New ID, a national digital content distribution company. The technology will help expand the global distribution of South Korean content.

Post-production is a process of editing films and video content before they are released. AI-based post-production technology (AIPP) can remove subtitles, rating guides and copyrighted sound sources. SK Telecom (SKT) said AIPP would boost K-content exports by overcoming the limitations of post-production technologies that required high costs and manual labor.

Data released by the Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA), a government agency governing cultural content, showed that annual exports of K-content topped $10 billion in 2021, up 6.3% from last year. a year ago. Squid Game, a drama series from Netflix, has become one of the most watched series in the world.

SKT has partnered with NEW ID to develop and market an AIPP automation platform as the global popularity of K content has increased the importance of media localization, which is the process of adapting a product or a service from one language to another target language, and from one culture to another in order to reach an international audience.

The task of providing content in different languages ​​and other cultural factors becomes more difficult as globalization turns into a competitive race. Media localization can be as simple as translating subtitles for a TV show or as complex as creating a brand new version of a video game for international distribution.

“The commercialization of the AIPP will boost the export of excellent domestic entertainment content, which had difficulties in localization due to issues such as Korean subtitles and music copyrights, and enhance the competitiveness of the K content,” said Kim Hyuk, SKT’s Global Head of Media. Declaration of April 11.

SKT would use AI technology to remove Korean subtitles and broadcaster logos embedded in video content, remove background sound sources without losing voice, and support upscaling technology to convert low definition images in high definition. New ID would export reprocessed domestic content to global markets.

New ID distributes content on global platforms including Amazon and Discovery Channel. “Based on our cooperation with SKT, we will try to improve the viewing experience of global K content fans and contribute to the expansion of the domestic media ecosystem,” said June Park, CEO of New ID.

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