Complete our simple online form for a payday loan for bad credit

Need quick financial help? Can’t you wait a few days for the money to reach you? Then you are right here! With Champion of the lenders, you can get a payday loan for bad credit.

Loan maturity can be set up to 84 months. So you will have enough time to repay the loan. Interest ranges from 5.9 %. The loan application is completely free of charge, even in the case of a loan on hand. So you don’t have to worry about paying exorbitant charges before you even get the loan. On working days after submitting all supporting documents, the loan application is immediately approved!

How to get money for your hand?

How can you get this loan?

  1. First of all, it is necessary to fill in a non-binding inquiry at www.Michael Just fill in your name and your email address here. If you do not have an e-mail, you can call our financial advisors directly.
  2. Financial advisors will contact you immediately and request additional documentation and documents from you. At the same time, you will agree with them on how to repay the loan, and in this case on your hand. However, they will always provide you with the maximum information to make a proper decision. On weekdays, approval is given by return. And then only the agreed amount of money is handed over.

Conditions for getting a hand loan

You need to meet certain conditions in order to get your hand money. Namely:

    • be 18 years or older
    • not to be older than 80
    • have permanent residence in the Czech Republic,
    • have a demonstrable official income
    • you may not be currently in execution
    • you may not currently owe other loans
    • nor may you be insolvent.

If you meet all these conditions, you can apply for a hand loan. We provide hand loans in the amount of CZK 5,000 to CZK 80,000.

If you are still hesitating about the loan, you can contact us, where we will be pleased to answer all your questions and maybe even write a loan application.