Let’s find out how to get a payday loan of 80000 euros. All you need to know about this form of financing for a decidedly high amount. How to make the calculation of the installment with a free estimate of the loan of 80 thousand euros to also know the interest rates.

Loan 80000 euros: how to get it, what are the required requirements

Loan 80000 euros: how to get it, what are the required requirements

In this page we will deal with some forms of payday loan that allow us to receive a very high amount, equal to 80000 euros. As you probably already know, it is not particularly easy to have access to such a high sum of money, since any bank or financial institution is rather reluctant to grant this type of financing. However, as we will see, there are ideal products for all those who are looking for a loan of 80 thousand euros. The first fundamental aspect to consider is that of the required requisites. This is always the main obstacle that separates us from the funding we want, and obviously the requirements will be even more restrictive if we require a payday loan of 80000 euros. Usually for such a large amount the form of financing that is proposed is that of the mortgage loan, in which the guarantee that we present is the mortgage of a property owned. In this case, however, we want to analyze the simple payday loan, in which the main guarantees are those of an income type.

payday loans are loans for individuals to deal with any type of expense. These are non-finalized loans, whose maximum amount that can be requested is usually around € 30,000. How to receive 80000 euros instead? It is necessary to address certain credit institutions, but first of all the right requirements must be met. It is essential to have an income document and to receive a minimum income that will be assessed also on the basis of the duration that we will choose and therefore the expected monthly repayment installment. The most advantageous category of clients in this sense is certainly that of employees, especially those who have a permanent contract. In this case, in fact, the customer can guarantee the bank, through the paycheck, to receive a fixed salary for the entire duration of the reimbursement. So the monthly installments can be deducted from the paycheck and the risk of insolvency is minimal.

In the case of employees with fixed-term contracts, everything depends on the duration of the employment contract. The 80 thousand euro loan can only be requested if the contract expires after the date on which payment of the last repayment installment is expected. Also in this case it is obviously important that the monthly salary is high enough to allow us to face the monthly repayment installment that will be fixed. Another category of potential clients who can receive a payday loan of 80000 euros without any particular problems is that of pensioners. The pension coupon is an excellent guarantee as it is a monthly income insured for life. In this case, particular attention is placed on the age of the applicant: for a loan of such high amount the duration will be quite long, therefore considering that the maximum age at the end of the repayment is usually 80 years will be determined accordingly the maximum age at the time of the request. From this point of view we must also remember that as the age of the client increases, a premium for the Risks Fund will be raised, which will increase the cost of the 80000 euro loan.

For those who are without paychecks it is quite complicated to receive a loan of 80 thousand euros. If you are self-employed, for example, the income guarantee to be presented is the Unique Model for the declaration of income. The problem is that in order to receive such a high amount you will have to make important gains, and sometimes the presentation of a guarantor with the paycheck is also required. Finally, for the unemployed the only solution is the presentation of a guarantor, although in any case it is rather difficult to receive such a high sum of money. Among the alternative guarantees that can help at the time of the request there are for example the income deriving from the rent of a property owned, which can somehow replace the paycheck.

Whom to contact to receive a € 80000 loan: the best financing

Whom to contact to receive a € 80000 loan: the best financing

After analyzing in detail the requirements that will be required to receive a loan of 80000 euros, we see what are the best loans currently in circulation that allow us to access this amount of money. As we have already said, not all credit institutions are willing to pay such a high sum, since payday loans often have a maximum threshold of € 30000 or a maximum of € 60000. Who should you turn to for a loan of 80 thousand euros? The first credit institution that provides in its range of financing the product that could be for you is Unicredit. In this case it is good to specify that we are not talking about a classic payday loan, since it is a loan for the renovation of the house. In any case, in our opinion this is a great product, considering that this is undoubtedly one of the purposes that most commonly urges us to apply for a loan of € 80000. It is useless to dwell on the professionalism and experience in the sector of a company like Unicredit, so let’s see what are the main features of this product.

The Unicredit Restructuring Loan can be requested without presenting collateral. The only guarantee that will be requested by the bank is in fact the income document, which as we have seen previously may be the paycheck, the pension slip or the tax return. Very important is the possibility of inserting a guarantor in case our € 80000 request is rejected because of too low income. The amount that can be requested ranges from 5,000 euros to 100,000 euros, which can be reimbursed over a period of 3 years to 10 years. As for the economic treatment offered by Unicredit, the Restructuring Loan is a fixed rate loan with Tan 6.50%, therefore decidedly convenient.

If you are looking for a non-finalized € 80,000 payday loan, then the solution that can be for you is the Pyrobanking PerTe Exclusive loan. By choosing this product you can receive funding ranging from € 7500 up to € 300,000. At the time of the request we can define the repayment plan according to our needs with great freedom in terms of duration, which can go up to 15 years. This is a very important aspect, since for a loan of € 80000 the installments may be too high by choosing a rather low duration. Unlike the product analyzed earlier in this case, to obtain the desired financing, some financial products must be pledged. As pointed out on the Pyrobanking website, however, this is a solution that allows us to realize new projects without having to divest our investments. So if you have money invested this type of financing could be the one that’s right for you.

The third and last credit institution that we recommend if you are looking for a payday loan of 80 thousand euros is BNL, of the BNP Paribas Group. One of the features for which the loan is a great product is the ability to make the request directly online. All you need to have on hand to make the request will be a valid ID, an income document and the tax code. The type of loan offered is that of the payday loan, with a fixed interest rate that is established on the basis of the repayment plan we choose. Very useful are the services that allow us to change or skip the installment, redefining the repayment plan after a few months.

Loan estimate 80 thousand euros: installment calculation and interest rates

To find the best EUR 80000 loan in circulation, the best thing to do as always is to request a free estimate. To do so you can go to the branch, setting an appointment on your bank’s website or by contacting the company by phone. In this way you can meet an expert consultant in the field, which according to your economic situation and according to your needs will present the best solution for you. However, this is not the only way to know the repayment installments and the applied Tan and Taeg interest rates. The fastest way is indeed to request a quote with the online payment calculation. In particular, to do this you can use the simulator that we find directly on the BNL website. With regard to the BNL Loan In Novo 1 Click of 80000 euro we have therefore calculated the monthly payment in order to present the estimate for each of the available durations. In the following table you can therefore see the repayment installment and the interest rates applied for each repayment plan.

36 months 2,492.18 euros 7.60 7.89
42 months € 2,175.31 7.60 7.89
48 months 1,938.05 euros 7.60 7.88
54 months € 1,753.87 7.60 7.88
60 months 1,606.84 euros 7.60 7.88
66 months € 1,486.83 7.60 7.88
72 months 1,387.08 euros 7.60 7.88
78 months 1,302.92 euros 7.60 7.88
84 months € 1,231.01 7.60 7.88
96 months € 1,114.73 7.60 7.88
108 months € 1,024.98 7.60 7.88

This table allows us to get an idea especially of the monthly payment that we will have to expect for a payday loan of € 80000. Obviously, considering that the amount we are going to request is decidedly high, the monthly payment we are going to fix can not be particularly low. In general, therefore, for a loan of 80 thousand euros it is advisable to choose a high duration, to avoid setting an installment that is too high and therefore complicated to face every month. The minimum monthly payment available for a BNL loan of € 80000 is equal to € 1,024, with interest rates of 7.60% and Taeg 7.88%, and relates to a repayment term of 108 months which is the maximum duration available.



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