February 19, 2019 The popularity of cash loans is not falling. What’s more, loan amounts are growing, and the conditions for granting loans are becoming more and more attractive. Loan for 100 thousand PLN offers up to 12 banks! We are borrowing more and more because Polish society is getting richer. We have higher earnings, we get more and more benefits. In our article, we check loan offers of 100,000 and we do it through the lending procedure. You can borrow with us more easily! 

Cash loan PLN 100 thousand PLN available immediately!

Cash loan PLN 100 thousand PLN available immediately!

According to BIK data, at the end of June last year, as many as 8.1 million Poles had liabilities to banks. The amount of loans taken by them exceeded PLN 159 billion! A cash loan can be used for any purpose, and a long repayment date allows you to smoothly settle your installments. Which banks offer a loan of 100,000? Where to get the cheapest loan? Let’s find out!

We compare loan offers up to PLN 100,000 in 12 banks! We take into account the amount of the loan, the loan period, the amount of the APRC, the commission, the total cost of the loan and the accepted forms of employment.

The best terms are proposed by PKO BP. APRC only 3.44% allows you to save significantly on installments! If you want to know the installment with a smaller loan amount or with a longer loan period, use the loan calculator. It is used to set a repayment schedule for a cash loan, which informs about the amount of installments and the balance of debt after each subsequent payment. Thanks to this you will know how much you need to give away, and above all – what earnings are enough for a loan of 100,000. zł.

100,000 is not the maximum amount. Many banks, including Credit Agricole and Nest Bank, borrow even more – even PLN 55,550! Before deciding on such amount of debt, one should carefully calculate their financial possibilities. And if the money is needed for purposes related to the apartment, you can take advantage of the lower interest-rate mortgage on 100 thousand.

In the cash loans ranking, we can find even more loan offers, as well as loans for smaller amounts, including loans up to PLN 30,000. for 5 years. It’s worth being up to date.

100 thousand loan PLN – what documents do you need?

100 thousand loan PLN - what documents do you need?

Banks are more demanding in terms of formalities than loan institutions, but it is hard to hide that they are trying to simplify procedures. The proof is a loan without certificates. Is a loan without certificates only for low amounts? What does it look like for a loan of 100,000?

How to apply for a loan of 100,000 zł?

How to apply for a loan of 100,000 zł?

The borrower has three options for applying for a loan: online, by phone or at a branch. Internet application for additional funds is undoubtedly a convenient option. If you have never applied for a bank loan on the network, we will introduce you to the credit procedure.
How to take a loan of 100,000?

  1. Decide on the loan amount and the loan period.
  2. Complete the online form.
  3. Wait for the contact with a consultant who will verify the data given in the application and present detailed terms of the offer.
  4. Make a contract during a call or wait for a courier.
  5. Use funds transferred to your account.

People who want to apply for a loan on the phone, leave their mobile number on the website of the selected bank. The consultant will guide us through the whole borrowing process. Choose an option that is convenient for you and take advantage of attractive loan offers for 100 thousand. zł.